Damnation Alley (acoustic, Lyric video, 2017)

Rude Boy Soul (2016)
Režie: Bob Bausner

Half An Alpha Male (Acoustic live at KYTARY.CZ, 2016)

No More (Acoustic live at KYTARY.CZ, 2016)

Missing Words (Selecter cover live at KYTARY.CZ, 2016)

Blue Beat Attack (2016)
Director: Martin Čech

Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll (Ian Dury cover, 2014)
Director: Tomáš Bláha

One of the Oldschool (2013)
Director: Matěj Pichler

Skanking Praha (2011)
Director: 4Elements

Rudeboy Back in Jail (2009)
Director: Risto Sokolovski

Rudeboy Paradise (2003)
Funny lo-fi video

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